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12 lenses per box
  • 1 week extended wear or 2 week daily wear.
  • All day comfort, great for people on a computer or reading all day, or other tasks where you don’t blink as often to rewet your lenses naturally.
  • Contains HYDRACLEAR® PLUS Technology so your lenses don’t get dried out in heavy A/C or dusty or dry air environments.
  • Lens material = Senofilcon A.
  • Water content = 38%
  • Oxygen permeability measurement (Dk/t) = 147. (Higher number is more oxygen permeable).
  • UV blocking built in.
  • Marking on the lens reads 123 on the outside so you know when it’s inside out.
  • Visibility tint (a faint tint to help find the lens if you drop it).
  • Oasys is the most commonly prescribed brand for first time contact lens wearers.

Acuvue Oasys with Hydraclear Plus 12 pack


Product Manufacturer:
Johnson and Johnson