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You will find several advantages to ordering your Proclear contacts from Our virtual contact lens store provides you the convenience of ordering your Proclear contact lenses online and getting them at an affordable price. You’ll find the same high-quality lenses you’ve seen at your eye doctor’s office, but we don’t charge as much. When our two founding eye doctors set up the online store, they focused on two things. Firstly, providing you with the same high-quality Proclear contacts you are used to, and secondly, creating an online shopping experience that was seamless and hassle-free. Once you upload your prescription from the eye doctor, we will take care of you. We’ll send you a notification when the prescription is nearing its expiration date. And we’ll let you know when it’s time to reorder your Proclear contacts. We want to make sure you have the contacts you need without having to worry about running out.


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You can order your Proclear contacts from and enjoy their moist comfortable design all day. Simply visit your preferred eye doctor and obtain a prescription for your contacts. You will get the same high-quality Proclear contact lenses made by CooperVision, who is the same manufacturer that you have come to trust. We carry both types of Proclear contacts - those designed to correct nearsighted vision and contacts that correct farsighted vision. You can reap the benefits of the specially designed sphere contacts that help keep your eyes from drying out. Ordering choices include Proclear multifocal contacts and Proclear Toric lenses for astigmatism. Both options are also available in extended range (ER). If your eye doctor prescribes Proclear sphere contact lenses, you can get them at a reduced price from You can enjoy the comfort of these soft, flexible, and comfortable contact lenses delivered directly to your home.