How to read your prescription


Here are some abbreviations you may see:

  1. O.D. or OD = right eye
  2. O.S. or OS = left eye
  3. O.U. or OU = both eyes
  4. SPH or sph = SPHERE power; the "overall" power
  5. D.S. or DS = diopters sphere (means you have sphere power only)
  6. CYL or cyl = CYLINDER power; the amount of astigmatism
  7. X = axis; X 90 means AXIS 090
  8. ADD = how much power gets added to the distance Rx, for your reading-only Rx or for the bottom half of your bifocals/progressives
  9. Pl or pl or plo = PLANO; it's a placeholder for the number zero
Sometimes your doctor may not put a decimal point, and that’s okay:
  1. -50 = -0.50
  2. +100 = +1.00

If you do not understand ANY part of your prescription, please contact us during business hours and we will be happy to assist you. Don't be shy; we are here to help, and we want your lenses to be made exactly to your doctor's specifications.

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